Anything and everything teen wolf related


Looking back at this devon thought Christine knew everything about the game but no Nicole was the one that knew the most should of brought Nicole in


I don’t think you guys understand


how torn I am 


on who to vote for America’s Fave


Victorias probably like crap derek doesn’t only have a final 2 with me

Has anyone else ever thought about the fact that our entire life could be a dream…. Like right now you could be dreaming and your entire life isn’t real…. Like you could be a 7 year old dreaming about what your life might be like…. Or you could be 50 dreaming about what you wish your life was like….or you could even be 90 and just dreaming about your whole life and about everything you went through. I think about this all the time and it just blows my mind theres so many possibilities

Cody won veto * Que. the singing angels


Production literally offered an extra 50k to Derrick and Frankie if they make F2 together. Are you fucking kidding me? I’ve never seen a season so rigged for one person. They obviously threw in the rewind button last week in case Frankie was in danger but when they realized it did nothing but hurt him they threw in this. Fuck this show.